Welcome to Casa Bella 

We Make Your Home Picture Perfect

Casa Bella Bay Area is the creation and evolution of neighbors who became life long friends with over 40 years of combined experience in purchasing, renovating, designing and selling stunning propoerties in the Bay Area.  

The joy of owning and operating a locally owned family business is a life long dream of ours come true.

We Design, Stage and bring Buying Experiences to the community. We have curated a stunning collection of unique furnishings that highlight the property's best features and create a lasting impression on buyers. Our talented designers each bring their unique perspective to every home they style. Our experienced and dedicated team will move in/out of your home with utmost care and respect. Ask us about our Buying Experiences offered to both the respresenting agents and potential buyers.

We believe that choosing Casa Bella will set your property apart and result in reduced market time and higher sales value. We look forward to working with you and making your property Casa Bella!

 - Mia Shin and Christine Tolbert


Bringing over 40 years of experience in Design, we offer color consulting, remodeling and modernization with expert beautification options to update and showcase any property. We have broad expertise for all interior and exterior needs. Our solutions within the home and throughout the property offer rapid sales with top dollar for the seller and life long enjoyment for the buyer.


We provide stunning collections for occupied homes, vacant homes, new developments or rentals. We offer a beautiful collection of unique inventory including high-end period pieces from private collectives and years of acquisition. We are equipped to style Mid-Century, Modern, Classic, Traditional or any style that will best showcase your home.


Enjoy and expereinece the neighborhood and beauty of your home. Offering hosted party options to immerse yourself in your new home and celebrate with family and friends. Buying Experiences are perfect for your next open house or gift to your clients.

Christine Tolbert


Leading with true gratitude for people and life, Christine Tolbert is a proven sales leader with decades of powerful results building a vast network of amazing people throughout the Bay Area and beyond. Caring for her relationships, connecting people with opportunities and possibilities is one of her greatest charters. Christine was raised in Alameda and her father was broker of a successful real estate company for over 40 years. Christine bought her first property in Alameda and several throughout Oakland and the Bay Area over the years. Christine has an eye for prime real estate, masterful renovation developing lucrative assets that generate income and growth for all she encounters. Her personal experience spans remarkable décor, acquisition, sale, condo conversion, development and HOA management.

Mia Shin


After spending the first part of her career on wall street as a financial analyst, Mia moved back to her beloved Oakland where she worked for the next two decades in mortgage risk management. During many of those years, she spent her "spare time" fundraising for her children's schools. She led a team of volunteers creating and offering pay to play events that not only raised tens of thousands of dollars each year for the school but more importantly created opportunities for the school community to come together. Volunteering and community building is another one of her passions and priorities in life. While she thrived in her profession, her true love has always been her family, home, design, cooking and entertaining. Mia is excited to embrace these passions as she starts her second career with Casa Bella!